New Members



To become a member, a person shall:

a. Express a genuine interest in membership and the sport of bass fishing.

b. Be cognizant in the basic skills of the sport.

c. Be in good health and physically fit enough to participate in a bass tournament held during extreme weather conditions (hot, cold, wind, etc.) and of lengthy duration (8-12 hours).

d. Prospective member may/may not be sponsored by a current member in good standing. Active members must vouch for the safe practices, sportsmanship and the ability of the prospective member. Prospective member has the option to fish with the sponsor for the first tournament or to be placed in the draw.

e. Prospective member may participate in up to three (3) tournaments at no expense to experience tournament bass fishing and get to know club members and the club without becoming a SSBA member. They would not be able to measure fish for club members or participate in club tournament (payout or big fish pot) or team payouts. Prospective members who are non-boaters would still be obligated to pay the nonboater fees ($40.00 and $60.00) to the boater they accompany during this trial period.

f. Membership in an organization such as W.O.N. Bass, A.B.A., etc. is optional; however, should the services through these organizations become available that would benefit the entire club membership (i.e. club tournament insurance, tournament entries, etc.); the club may require members to join these affiliated organizations provided a resolution is passed by a majority vote of all members in good standing. Telephone contact will be permissible.

g. New members are on probation for a period of ninety (90) days. Anytime within this period he/she can be dropped from the club for reasons stated in Article III. Two-thirds vote is required to drop any member.

h. Only members in good standing may vote. Member in good standing is defined as one whose dues and fees are current at the time the vote is taken.