Tournament Rules


1. Competition is based on individual efforts, with the scoring determined by the total weight of the catch, each day. Because we are NEVADA’S ONLY CATCH & IMMEDIATE RELEASE BASS CLUB, the bass are to be measured on a “Golden Rule” (1/8″ increment), to establish the weight of the bass on your tournament score card. The bass must measure a minimum of 12″ in length with the mouth “closed”. The tail may be swished to establish maximum length. A daily limit will be any combination of 5 largemouth, smallmouth or spotted bass. ANY LARGEMOUTH, SMALLMOUTH OR SPOTTED BASS THAT IS OVER 22 1/2” —-MUST—- BE BROUGHT IN AND MEASURED BY THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR! Release of that bass, after length is confirmed, is optional! The 5 heaviest Largemouth, Smallmouth or Spotted Bass will establish your tournament score. Note: If a bass looks like it has been caught by your partner, it will be considered in the live well and not countable as yours. Any angler fishing by themselves must bring their fish in to be verified, or have another club member verify their length on the water. All fish must be released outside of the marina (beyond buoy line or tire wall, except during inclement weather). Then fish may be measured and released at the buoy line or tire wall to ensure the safety of club members.

“One-Day” Tournament scoring is as follows:

First Place……. 21 points + Total Weight = Total Points

Second Place…… 18 points + Total Weight = Total Points

Third Place……. 15 points + Total Weight = Total Points

Fourth Place…… 13 points + Total Weight = Total Points

Fifth Place……. 11 points + Total Weight = Total Points

Sixth Place……. 9 points + Total Weight = Total Points

Seventh Place….. 7 points + Total Weight = Total Points

Eight Place……. 5 points + Total Weight = Total Points

Ninth Place……. 4 points + Total Weight = Total Points

Tenth Place……. 3 points + Total Weight = Total Points

Eleventh Place & Lower….. 1 point + Total Weight = Total Points

An additional point is added to the Total Points of any angler fishing both days of a “Two Day” tournament.

*** All ties shall be broken by each angler’s big fish for the tournament. If the tie cannot be broken by big fish, then the tie remains and the points and prize money, if any, shall be divided equally.

*** All tournament score cards must be signed by the SSBA angler who verified the length of each fish. If the tournament boat has two anglers, each angler must verify that the fish was caught and landed in accordance with current SSBA tournament rules. Tournament score cards not signed shall be considered void, and will not be counted. No exceptions. Also, no weigh sheet – no points.

A. Distribution of pay to play format fees: See Article VIII, Articles of Constitution

B. Distribution of Prize Money:

First Place……50%

Second Place..30%

Third Place…..20%

Big Fish Pot of $5.00 is a voluntary contribution and is paid each day in a twoday tournament. 1st and 2nd Big Fish each day are paid. After all contributions are collected for that tournament payout will be as follows:

1st Big Fish……60%

2nd Big Fish……40%

 If more than one individual catches what is determined to be the big fish of a tournament day, then the angler with the most weight for that tournament day will get 60% of the big fish pot money and the angler with the second most weight for the tournament day will be deemed to have caught the second big fish for the tournament day and receive 40% of the big fish pot money.

2. TOP TEN TOURNAMENT: The top 10 anglers at the end of the December tournament and any other angler who has won an SSBA tournament during that calendar year will qualify for the “Top 10 Tournament”. The winner of the Top 10 Tournament will receive a plaque. Tournament location, time, and Big Fish pot will be determined by the Top 10 competitors. NOTE: Anyone paying dues in accordance with Article II, Section 3, qualifies for the Top 10 Tournament and is entitled to fish this tournament. In the event that ‘non-boaters’ qualify for the Top Ten Tournament, the top ranked nonboater may pick the boater that he/she wishes to fish with. The second ranked nonboater has second choice, etc. Top Ten Tournament contestants fishing alone may take along an observer from the current/active club membership, or bring their fish in to be verified. The observer is along for the sole purpose of verifying the length of the fish caught, and is in no way allowed to assist the angler. All fish must be released outside of the marina (beyond buoy line or tire wall, except during inclement weather). Then fish may be measured and released at the buoy line or tire wall to ensure the safety of club members.

3. POINT SCORING FOR THE YEAR: Anglers will count all twelve tournaments towards their end of the year total score. Additionally, club members in good standing (paid annual dues) who attend monthly meetings will have an additional two (2) points (per month) added to their tournament total points. All point ties shall be broken by weight accumulated in those twelve tournaments.

4. TOURNAMENT LOCATIONS AND TIMES: Tournament locations will be selected at least semi-annually to insure timely submission of permit requests. Locations will be selected by majority vote of attending members in good standing and cannot be changed once established, unless they conflict with another tournament at that location. One tournament per quarter is a two day, “pick-your-partner” tournament. Tournament start time and weigh-in time will be decided at the monthly meeting prior to the tournament by majority vote of attending members in good standing. All “Out of State” (outside Lakes Mead & Mohave) tournaments MUST have a minimum 51% (of members in good standing) club attendance rate or the tournament site will be changed at that month’s meeting.

5. TOURNAMENT DRAW: Partners will be drawn at the meeting preceding the monthly tournament.

6. TOURNAMENT ABSENCE, AFTER DRAW: If, after drawing partners, a member is unable to fish that tournament, they will NOTIFY their partner AND a club officer, WITHIN 48 HOURS. The Tournament Director will then assign a new partner, if possible.

A. No boater shall fish alone if there is a non-boater available. If two boaters show up at the site and their non-boaters are a no-show, they have the option to fish separately or together.

B. A contestant may not leave the boat for the purpose of towing or pushing the boat to fishing waters which are otherwise inaccessible. A contestant may not leave his/her boat in order to reduce the weight of the boat in order to gain access to otherwise inaccessible fishing waters. A contestant may not leave the boat for the purpose of netting or boating a fish. A contestant may leave the boat for the purpose of retrieving a lure; however, any fish still attached to that lure will not be counted.

C. Damages of any nature to a contestant’s boat, equipment, or tackle are the responsibility of the person causing the damage.

D. FAILING TO NOTIFY OF CANCELLATION: After the random draw or a “pickyour-partner” has been made, your partner must NOTIFY you AND a club officer within 48 hours of the upcoming tournament to withdraw. Failing to do so will put that member on probation. If this member repeats a “failure to notify” a second time within a six month period that member shall forfeit their membership in the club. Note: If there are any extenuating circumstance for a “failure to notify”, it will be discussed before the membership and voted upon.

7. TOURNAMENT OFFICIALS: The club Vice-President is the official Tournament Director. In case of his/her absence, the club President or Secretary/Treasurer becomes the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director is in charge of tournament take-offs and check-ins. He/she shall make sure all boats are in after each tournament. HIS/HER WATCH IS THE OFFICIAL TIME! Any protest must be presented to the Tournament Director in accordance with the tournament rule covering penalties unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as a medical emergency. All competitors should turn in their tournament score cards to the Tournament Director in accordance with the tournament rule covering penalties unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as a medical emergency. The Tournament Director shall measure any fish longer than 22 1/2″ in accordance with Tournament Rule 1.

8. The Tournament Director at the dock will be solely responsible for determining whether to call off for that day or delay the start of a scheduled tournament, due to bad weather or unsafe conditions. If the tournament is called off for that day, it will be rescheduled by the Tournament Director in conjunction with the NPS representative at the same location and same partners (unless a partner cannot fish at the rescheduled date and time, in which case the non-boater will be switched to another boat by the tournament director).

9. OPERATING EXPENSES: Non-boat owners agree to pay boat owners $40.00 for gas & oil expenses for any one day tournament and $60.00 for any two day tournament held inside Clark County, Lake Mead, or Lake Mojave. Any increase in gas fees are approved by the club membership as gas prices fluctuate. The non-boater is expected to pay the boater the appropriate monies in cash no later than the start of the tournament. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action and/or removal from the club. All “Out of State” (outside Lakes Mead & Mojave) Tournaments will require a 50/50 split of all expenses actually incurred for the tournament.

10. BOAT OWNERS: Each angler shall have equal time to select fishing areas. The boater has the option of allowing the non-boater to run the trolling motor and fish from the front of the boat. If a non-boater declines the offer for the front of the boat, he/she shall retain the right to select the fishing waters for one-half day. Any contestant, who operates the boat in such a manner as to unfairly handicap his/her partner, shall be disqualified.

11. PERMITTED FISHING WATERS: No fishing is permitted inside a 5 M.P.H. buoy marker of the host marina, except Echo Bay. All fishing must be done from a tournament inspected boat. All contestants must leave and return to the official tournament host marina by boat. Boats cannot be moved by trailer from one location to another during tournament hours. Participants may exchange or switch boats during the tournament. In case of a breakdown, any means to get to host marina with the tournament score cards is acceptable, AS LONG AS IT IS BY ANOTHER CONTESTANT’S BOAT. No additional bass can be added, after leaving the host boat. NOTE: RUNNING OUT OF GAS DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A BREAKDOWN!

12. PENALTIES: Contestants, who have not checked in at the official check point (which is inside the 5 M.P.H. buoy of the host marina) on time, will be penalized at the rate of 2 pound per minute late. This will be deducted from the total weight of that days catch. It is boater’s responsibility to enter the buoy line at a location easily seen from the launch ramp.

Any contestant more that 15 minutes late shall lose all credit for that day’s catch. THERE SHALL BE NO EXCUSE FOR TARDINESS!

Any contestant not turning in a weigh sheet to the tournament director at the official check-in (Gathering of all contestants at the end of each day’s fishing at a place designated by the tournament director) shall lose all credit for that day’s catch. When there is a two day tournament weigh sheets must be given to the tournament director on each day at the official check-in so that tournament director can tally the results for that day. THERE SHALL BE NO EXCUSE FOR NOT TURNING IN A WEIGH SHEET INTO THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR UNLESS THERE ARE EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES, SUCH AS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY.

Contestants may in no way alter, harm, or mutilate any bass so it can meet the minimum length requirements.

A contestant must not allow any bass caught by him/her to be counted on the score of another contestant. In such case, both contestants shall be disqualified from that tournament, and subject to further disciplinary action as stated in Article III.

13. LATE START: A boat may be allowed a late start. All safety requirements must be met. Tournament contestant must launch from, and return to, the host marina.

14. PARTICIPANTS AND ELIGIBILITY: Contestants must be members in good standing of SSBA and at least 16 years of age. If member is under 16 years of age, a parental release waiver must be signed and provided to the board of directors.

15. SAFETY: Safe boating conduct and all safety precautions must be observed at all times, by all contestants. Each competitor is required to furnish his own Coast Guard approved, chest-type life preserver. This preserver should be worn any time that the combustion engine is operating on plane, and must be available when boats are being inspected at the tournament start. All boats must be Coast Guard equipped with an engine shut off or functional emergency “kill” switch and must be attached anytime the boat is operated above 5 M.P.H.

16. SPORTSMANSHIP: Any contestant who displays poor sportsmanship, violates these rules or any Federal, State or Local law while on the water (”trailer to trailer” rule) will be disqualified. In the event that an angler receives a citation, or commits a violation of any Federal, State or Local law or SSBA rule, only that angler that is responsible for the infraction will be disqualified. (For example, a boating violation would disqualify the boater only. Whereas fishing without a license would disqualify that angler only. However, fishing off limits or illegal water, or being late for weigh-in would result in both anglers being disqualified). Drunkenness by any competitor during the tournament will not be tolerated and shall be cause for disqualification for that and all future tournaments, by 2/3rds vote of members present and in good standing. Maximum courtesy must be practiced at all times, especially with regard to boating and angling in the vicinity of non-competitors who may be on the tournament waters. Any actions of a competitor that reflect unfavorably upon the Silver State Bass Anglers efforts towards conservation and courtesy shall be grounds for disqualification.

17. TACKLE AND EQUIPMENT: Only artificial lures can be used. No prepared or live bait is permitted, other than pork rind strips. Trolling is not permitted. Tackle must be casting, spinning or spin cast outfits, and rods may not exceed 8′ in length. Only ONE rod and reel may be used at any one time. Other rods, as specified previously, may be in the boat ready for use; however, every cast and retrieve is made one at a time. All bass must be caught “live” and in a conventional manner. Snagging is not permitted, and the other angler in the boat must verify that the bass has been hooked in the mouth, in a conventional manner. It shall be considered unethical to jab, poke a fish into biting with any instrument, rod, lure, and or perceived technique. The rod tip shall not enter the water until the fish has been hooked in a conventional manner. It is the other angler in the boat’s responsibility to insure that all bass are caught per these rules. Un-sportsmanlike conduct will be dealt with. In the event a bass is foul hooked after a conventional long cast and retrieve, that bass may be counted. Netting of partners bass is a courtesy only, not a requirement.

18. BOATS AND MOTORS: All boats must meet BIA and Coast Guard requirements. All boats must be equipped with a trolling motor, aerated livewell, and functional engine emergency shutoff switch. Each contestant is responsible for providing his/her own approved safety vest. The Tournament Director has the right to prohibit any boat from participating, if such boat is deemed unsafe or the operator is unqualified. Boat requirement: Minimum 15′ in length. Motor requirement: 50 hp. Any lone boater may fish off any length/horsepower BIA and Coast Guard approved boat with an aerated livewell.

19. LIVEWELLS: Adequate size livewell is mandatory on each boat and must provide aeration to maintain fish in good condition.

20. DECISIONS: The decision of the Tournament Director will be final in all matters.

21. START: The start of the tournament will be staggered and from the dock of the host marina. The participants’ starting position at the start of a tournament will be determined by the draw at the monthly meeting. For a Two-Day “Pick Your Partner” tournament, the Day One order shall be reversed for the Day Two starting order. Each boat will be told the starting order by the Tournament Director and the boater is responsible for accurate positioning. No tournament shall start earlier that the voted upon start time, unless all contestants are in the water, ready to go and agree to the earlier start. The Tournament Director shall be the sole person responsible for controlling this situation.

22. LEAVING TOURNAMENT EARLY: Any tournament participant leaving the host marina early MUST notify a tournament contestant VERBALLY or by A LEAVING NOTE ON A CLUB OFFICER’S VEHICLE. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from that tournament and grounds for membership vote on further club activities.

23. CONFLICTS: If there is a conflict between tournament rules and any laws, THE LAW SHALL PREVAIL!

24. LICENSING: All participants must meet ALL requirements for waters being fished.

25. PROTESTS: If a conflict arises during tournament hours where an angler wishes to make a protest, he/she must inform the tournament director (or acting tournament director) of the protest within 60 minutes of the official weigh-in time. If a motion to protest is submitted outside of the allowed protest period, it will not be accepted or acted upon.

26. TEAM POT: Monthly Team Pot of $5.00 per person is a voluntary contribution and is paid at the beginning of paid each tournament day. Top 10 Team Pot of $10.00 per person is a voluntary contribution and is paid at the beginning of the Top 10 one day tournament.